France, Guadeloupe, Basse-Terre, Saint-Claude, Sud-Nord du sommet dégagé de la Soufrière, l'Échelle et toute la chaîne volcanique, visibles ensemble quelques jours par an seulement, ici en surplomb de La Citerne, Surnommée vié madanm la en créole guadeloupéen ou la vieille dame en français, est un volcan en activité situé dans le parc national (vue aérienne)

CNRS newsletter May 2017

The CNRS Newsletter for April is available on this link


Call for projects: Phenomics Infrastructure for Excellence in Plant Science (PIEPS)

The PIEPS scheme is open to all publicly funded researchers and involves access to phenotyping capabilities at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) at a reduced cost to facilitate exceptional research projects. This is an outstanding opportunity to gain access to invaluable expertise and cutting edge technology to accelerate your research project and make a real impact in plant science discovery.

Emphasis is placed on novel collaborations that bring together scientists preferably from different disciplines (e.g. plant physiology, computer science, engineering, biometry, quantitative genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, physics) and from different organisations, within Australia or internationally, to focus on problems in plant science.

Applications close: 30 September 2017

For more information and to apply follow this link or this link


A researcherhive!

You are a PhD Student or a young researcher interested by pollinator insect decline?

You want to confront your vision with scientists from various fields of expertise?

Join us for a unique experience of cross-science networking!

The Hive of Science for Bees is a 4-day international workshop designed by the Rovaltain Foundation to address the multifactorial aspects of pollinator decline.

The call for participation for the young researchers is now open on this link

All the expenses (travel, accommodation, participation) are taken care of.


Dates: 09 – 13 October 2017

Venue:  Pôle Ecotox

Cours Emilie du Chatelet

F-26300 Alixan, France


Cover photo of the 2016 Australian National Research Infrastructure Roadmap: a ~ 2.4 billion year old pyrite grain (FeS2)

Australian national roadmap for research infrastructure

On 12 May 2017, the Australian Government has released a comprehensive roadmap outlining the research infrastructure priorities essential for building Australian research excellence into the future. The full document is available here

It makes 9 key recommendations, including the implementation of a coordinated approach to international engagement and the adoption of nine focus areas:

• Digital Data and eResearch Platforms
• Platforms for Humanities, Arts and Social Science
• Characterisation
• Advanced Fabrication and Manufacturing
• Advanced Physics and Astronomy
• Earth and Environmental Systems
• Biosecurity
• Complex Biology
• Therapeutic Development.


Université Paris-Saclay : revue de presse

The Paris-Saclay University Newsletter is available on this link


The Australian-French Entrepreneurship Challenge 2017 – new deadline!

Deadline for application is now the 22nd of May!

Today’s PhD students are the drivers of tomorrow’s Australian innovation economy.

The Australian-French Entrepreneurship Challenge is based on the ‘24 hours for Entrepreneurship’ challenge, a flagship event that has been running in France since 2011.

This national competition put teams of PhD students in front of a big challenge: designing an innovative and profitable start-up concept, and convincing the grand jury of expert entrepreneurs, scientists and managers, of the viability of their idea!

The event will commence with networking and training activities at 8am on Tuesday 11 July 2017 at the Adelaide Oval. Participants will then have 24 hours from 1pm 11 July to 1pm 12 July to develop their proposal. Following this the teams will pitch their ideas and the judges will make their selections.

At the time of application, applicants should:

  • be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident, living in Australia
  • be enrolled as a PhD candidate in an Australian university or research organisation
  • hold a passport valid until at least 30 June 2018

Candidates should be research active in any field of the natural sciences, including technology, engineering and medicine as well as social sciences and humanities.

See the website for the application form and further details.


The first International Associated Laboratory with INSERM and the University of Melbourne

The French National Health and Medical Research Institute (Inserm) and the University of Melbourne have agreed to sign a partnership agreement to form an International Associated Laboratory (IAL) named “Characterising intra-tumour heterogeneity to improve targeting of cancer cell plasticity and self-renewal”.

This IAL is a collaborative research program between the Lyon Cancer Research Centre (CRCL, Prof Alain Puisieux) and the Laboratory of A/Prof Frederic Hollande, The University of Melbourne Department of Pathology, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Australia. Scientists and medical researchers from both teams will work together to fast-track scientific discoveries and clinical translation in the field of breast, colon and skin cancers.

The main scientific goals of this collaborative program are:

  • To develop biomarkers that predict the sensitivity of patient tumours to given treatments, thus channelling patients away from lengthy and expensive treatments that are doomed to fail.
  • To characterize the weaknesses of cells that induce tumour recurrence and develop better treatment regimens that target these recurring cells to improve survival of patients with breast, colorectal and skin cancers.

Other key objectives of this collaborative program are to:

  • Contribute to the training of high level scientists and medical researchers through exchanges and joint PhDs between the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and the Cancer Research Centre of Lyon.
  • Share technological advances between the French and Australian partners and engage with industrial partners that can bring developed products into cancer hospitals worldwide.


Australian/French Cancer symposium – 2017


Illustrating their dedication to this new partnership, the Australian and French partners jointly organized a one-day symposium about “Heterogeneity and plasticity in healthy and malignant tissues”, held at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre on 21 April 2017.

Sponsored by AFRAN as well as by the VCCC, University of Melbourne, CRCL, LYRIC (LYon Research Innovation for Cancer) and by Qiagen, the symposium brought together scientists and clinicians from Inserm laboratories in Lyon and Marseille with their colleagues from Melbourne and Sydney. Excellent presentations were given throughout the day on important and challenging topics such as:

  • Normal and malignant stem cells,
  • Tumour cell plasticity
  • Detection and characterization of molecular mechanisms that drive tumour heterogeneity
  • Implications of tumour heterogeneity for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.


Contact details:

Australian Partner: A/Prof Fred Hollande, Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research @ the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC).


French Partner: Prof Alain Puisieux, Head of the Lyon Cancer Research Centre, Lyon, France.


Inserm worldwide presence



Call – An AFRAN response to the Innovation & Science Australia 2030 Strategic Plan Issue Paper

Please join us for an opportunity to help shape Australia’s “2030 Strategic Plan for the Australian innovation, science and research system”.

What is it about?

The Australian Government has tasked Innovation and Science Australia with developing a Strategic Plan for the Australian innovation, science and research system out to 2030. The Strategic Plan will aim to contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of all Australians by ensuring that Australia reaches its innovation potential.

The Strategic Plan will build on the findings of Innovation and Science Australia’s Performance Review of the Australian Innovation, Science and Research system.

It will describe what Australia’s innovation system should look like in 2030 and will make recommendations as to how Australia can get there. It will also outline how our progress can be evaluated. The 2030 Strategic Plan will be delivered to government in the last quarter of 2017.

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Global Connections Fund – Priming Grant Awardees 2017

The purpose of the Priming Grants is to enhance collaboration specifically between small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and researchers in strategic fields. Priming Grants encourage translational activities, end use development, and commercialisation outcomes. They do not support research only projects.

On the 81 application this year, 40 were selected, and on the 2 collaborations involving a french partner, 1 was successful!

NH TherAgui, a French company in nanomedecine for cancer, will work with the University of Sydney School of Physics on the translation of a medical nanotechnology device in Australia.

More information on the French company on this link.

To see The Awardees 2017 list


The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse launches its International recruitment Program for New Group Leaders

Application deadline: June 15, 2017

The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI) launches two international calls for the recruitment of outstanding group leaders.

In order to reinforce its research endeavors in an inspiring, collaborative and cutting-edge environment, the CBI is seeking new talented group leaders, at junior or midcareer level, addressing :

  • Computational biology and data modeling, including computational analysis of large data-sets, network analyses, physics and mathematical modeling connected to research themes of the CBI.
  • Fundamental questions within the spectrum of its research fields, including microbiology, genome dynamics, RNA biology, cell dynamics, developmental biology, molecular, cellular, behavioral neurosciences and computational and systems biology.


More information