Myriam MERAD

Research Director, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France

Myriam Merad serves as research director – Lead in Risk governance and Decisions in safety, security and Health and Environment.

Myriam MERAD is a Civil engineer (graduated in 1997, Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics d’Alger- Algeria). She obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) (ISG Alger and IEFSI – groupe EDHEC France) in 1999, a Master (DEA) in scientific methods in management science (operational research and decision aid) in 2000, a PhD in Management Sciences (Decision-aiding) in 2003 (Dauphine university, Paris) and a Tenure diploma -Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches (HDR) required to become a Professor in 2011. Her fields of expertise are risk governance and decision analysis in safety, security and environment.

She has joined INERIS (National French Institute for Environment and Industrial Risks) in 1999. From 1999 to 2003, she was in charge of developing methodologies to prevent risks of subsidence and collapse due to post-mining activities (ex. Mining Risk Prevention Plans) at the Soil and Sub-soil Division. In 2003, she joined the Accidental Risks Division of the Institute. Between 2003 and 2008, she contributed to European Union and French research programmes in risk governance (Trustnet-in-Action, STARC, SAPHIR, French Research Programmes SOCECO2 …) and to research programmes in the field of Technological Risk Prevention (ex. Acceptrisk). The general objectives of these programmes where, in one hand to contribute to a more inclusive risk governance in France and, in another hand, to improve the ongoing practices in risk prevention by developing methodologies using expert-judgement and decision aiding tools especially applied to support the land-use planning policies and decision around Seveso plants. These researches were action-research to support Ministry of Environment in framing new regulations and decision criteria in the aftermath of the Toulouse ammonium nitrate disaster (2001).

From 2005-2008, she was the head of “Societal Risk Management” and “Governance, human and Organizational factors” research groups at INERIS, managing successively 20 people (engineers, PhD student, technicians, trainee, secretary).

In 2009, she was nominated as a sustainable development delegate at INERIS where she was asked to define the politic, the strategy and the Sustainable development action plan for the Institute. In October 2010, she chairs for the French Ministry of Environment at a national level a working group on sustainable development governance within public organizations. Four national guidelines were published in March 2013. She has been nominated in April 2014 to become a lead in Human, organizational and societal factors at Chronic Risks Division where she has contribute to the National and Regional Air Pollution Risk Prevention Plants.

In October 2016, Myriam Merad was nominated at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) as a research Director.

Myriam Merad is primarily interested in expertise framing, policy analysis and participative/deliberative decision analysis. She is the author of six books (in French, on decision aiding, expertise and risk assessment and management; concertation and mediation in environment, managing the organizational change of sustainable development and 3 upcoming books in English and French) ; she has contributed to different national guidelines and legislations in the field of safety and sustainability; has written  more than 50 papers in scientific journals ( and in conferences, and has communicated in 80 conferences and seminars. She has contributed to organize more than 30 technical and scientific seminars, conferences and meetings.

Merad is also active in many other risk-related institutes and societies: She is a member of the Scientific and Technical Committee of IRSTEA (former CEMAGREF, the French institute, the national institute of science and technology for environment and agriculture) since 2009 and chairman or co-chairman of different expert working groups within the Institut de Maîtrise des Risques (IMdR, the French engineer association in risk, safety and realiability management), AFPCN (French association for the prevention of natural catastrophes) and Association Française des Ingénieurs et Techniciens de l’Environnement (AFITE, the French environment engineers and technicians association). She is also a member of the editorial board of Springer’s Environment, systems & Decisions journal (formerly The Environmentalist).

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Chemical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Economics, Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services, Studies in Human Society

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CNRS UMR ESPACE, Nice Sophia Antipolis University 98 Bd Edouard Herriot BP 3209 06204 Nice cedex 3 UMR LAMSADE, PSL*, CNRS, Université Paris Dauphine 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France (Bureau B209) tel: +33144054445, cell-phone: +33769224177

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