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Jeremy Causse




I am Ph-D of the University of Montpellier (2005) in theoretical, analytical and physical chemistry. After a post-doctoral position in CEA Marcoule, I was hired as a CEA permanent researcher in 2008. After 4 years working on “decontamination processes” I moved to the Marcoule Institute for Separation Chemistry (ICSM) in 2012.

Since my Ph-D I work on nuclear decontamination of aqueous outflows containing radionuclides. All along these more than ten years, my field of research evolved from colloids and soft matter, with for example the design of specific surfactant solutions in order to increase the decontamination factor of these processes to the design of inorganic materials for the sorption of radionuclides on solid phase. Since 2012 and my arrival in ICSM (UMR5257), I exclusively work on the design of porous inorganic materials, not only for nuclear decontamination but also for other kind of industrial applications (nuclear fuels, solar thermal energy, revealment of irradiation…). The main goal of my activities is to develop new templating routes for innovative porous inorganic nanostructured materials.





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Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences

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Institut de Chimie SĂ©parative de Marcoule (ICSM) – CEA Marcoule

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