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Khalid is a Structural Geologist with expertise in Brittle Deformation. His main interest relates to brittle tectonics, fracture characterisation, stress analyses and fluid pressure evolution. His work within these disciplines focuses on several key research questions: Reconstruction of paleostress patterns using analyses of faults, fractures and calcite twins; 4D Quantification of stress magnitudes in orogenic settings from the scale of the individual compressional structure to the scale of the entire fold belt or foreland basin; Understanding of the kinematics of faulting and related stress field perturbations.

Khalid’s recent researches since joining the Australian School of Petroleum has focussed on: the integration of Geomechanical, Petrophysical and Structural techniques to better understand the growth and evolution of natural and stimulated fractures; Applying a new stress quantification approach on the sedimentary basins of Australia, such as the Cooper-Eromanga, Officer and Otway basins, as natural laboratories. With key themes including understand the role of petrophysical anisotropy and rock rheology on fracture development, with the ultimate objective of relating the structural permeability of a sedimentary sequence to its geological history.

Since 2013 Khalid is an active member of the Stress, Structure and Seismic Research Group, one of the largest Geoscience research groups at the University of Adelaide. This group has received continuous ARC support since 1997, with a research income of ~$1M/year.





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