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Bulletin de veille science et technologie – Ambassade de France en Australie – Science and Technology Newsletter – Embassy of France in Australia

The Embassy of France is delighted to send you the Science and Technology Newsletter for May 2017.

L’Ambassade de France en Australie a le plaisir de vous adresser l’édition de mai 2017 du bulletin de veille Science et Technologie édité par le poste.


Bulletin ST-mai 2017


IMPACT7’s call for research innovators

IMPACT7 is a new event to be held on 1 August at Melbourne’s Meat Market.

The organisers, SlatteryIT, are looking for research innovators to present their projects to industry and public. Their focus is on projects that are solving wicked problems and producing research with impact in one of IMPACT7’s 7 Challenges.

Each successful applicant will receive important feedback and guidance, the chance to win a host of valuable prizes, and opportunities to network with leaders across Australian industry, research, and government.

Please encourage your most innovative researchers to take a look at


Other prizes, funding, and opportunities

$80,000 GSK Award for Research Excellence 2017

The GSK Award for Research Excellence is a long-standing and prestigious award which supports outstanding Australian research.

The Award, with its accompanying grant of $80,000, has played a part in assisting some of Australia’s most important leaders and innovators in the medical research sphere. Its focus is on helping support career development with an emphasis on human health and Australian research.

Applications are now open and close on 10 July 2017

More at:

$50,000 Victoria Prize, and Victoria Fellowships now open

Leading Victorian scientists and researchers who have made, or have the potential to make, a significant scientific discovery or technological innovation are encouraged to nominate for the $50,000 Victoria Prize for Science & Innovation.

If you know someone who fits the description nominate them by 2 pm Thursday 22 June 2017

More at:

And for those not quite at that stage yet…

Victoria Fellowships provide a travel grant of up to $18,000 for researchers to undertake a short-term overseas study mission to assist in developing a commercial idea; undertaking specialist training; or career development not available in Australia.

Additionally, Fellows can apply for the Australian French Association for Science and Technology (AFAS) Associate Award valued at up to $5,000.

Applications must be received by 2 pm Thursday 22 June 2017

More at:

The Global Connection Fund

Bridging Grants Round for 2017 Opens 2nd May

We are pleased to announce that the next round of Bridging Grants will be opening for eligibility assessment and subsequently, full applications on the 2nd May 2017.

The timetable for this call is published on the GCF website

In the lead up to this next round opening we have made available on the Global Connections Fund website all of the Bridging Grant information required to prepare an application. This includes the guidelines, the FAQs, eligibility criteria and details on the process of application. You will also be able to download an example application form and budget template for consideration.

This will enable interested parties to consider this material in advance and prepare for an initial eligibility assessment  and if approved, a Bridging Grant application. The application process will require an approval at the eligibility assessment stage before a full application can be made. This is done through a quick online test. You can only take the test once so we ask you read the material associated with this process carefully.

Kind Regards

This artist’s impression shows the view from the surface of one of the planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system. At least seven planets orbit this ultra cool dwarf star 40 light-years from Earth and they are all roughly the same size as the Earth. They are at the right distances from their star for liquid water to exist on the surfaces of several of them. This artist’s impression is based on the known physical parameters for the planets and stars seen, and uses a vast database of objects in the Universe.

CNRS newsletter March 2017

The CNRS newsletter for March 2017 is available on this link


programme Post-Doc 2017 du Centre de Biologie Intégrative de Toulouse

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer l’ouverture de l’appel à candidature au programme Post-Doc 2017 du Centre de Biologie Intégrative de Toulouse (

La date limite de candidature est le 2 mai 2017.

Aerospace links with France lead to an Australia-first partnership

Building on 10 years of research collaboration on hypersonics research, UQ and Université Paris-Saclay just signed a cooperation agreement.

24h Entrepreneurship challenge

24h Entrepreneurship challenge ; the winners just arrived in Paris for an exciting tailor made study tour!

Exportons les maths francaises

Exportons les maths francaises

Cyril BOYER – finalist at the 2016 EUREKA Prize

AFRAN member Cyril BOYER (UNSW), 2015 Prime Minister science award, was a finalist at the 2016 EUREKA Prize.