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AFRAN Forum 2017 in Canberra

The AFRAN association will hold its annual forum in Canberra on the 7/8 December 2017.

AFRAN stands for Australian FRench Association for research and innovatioN

AFRAN is a platform gathering researchers engaged in research and innovation collaborations between Australian and French institutions.

The association aims to empower scientists and to encourage them to take bottom up action to practically expand the France-Australia science cooperation agenda further.

The 2017 Forum is an opportunity to gather the AFRAN community, and discuss science and innovation areas of high potential for the future of the bilateral Science and Technology cooperation.

One key objective of the 2017 AFRAN Forum is to raise the association’s profile and visibility among the Science and Technology policy makers and stakeholders.

In this respect, priority will be given to the building up of Thematic bilateral Science communities within AFRAN that can position themselves as high level expertise groups on which stakeholders, policy makers, and industry players can rely on.

The focus of the 2017 AFRAN Forum will be on Innovation and sustainability, with an inaugural keynote speech by distinguished Prof Imran Ahmad, CEO of Future Earth Australia.

Ecosystems sustainability, R&D supporting the Industry 4.0 transition, Space and Earth observation, as well as update of bilateral policy developments and new cooperation instruments will be the key themes of the Forum discussions.

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We look forward to seeing you!



Call for projects: Phenomics Infrastructure for Excellence in Plant Science (PIEPS)

The PIEPS scheme is open to all publicly funded researchers and involves access to phenotyping capabilities at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) at a reduced cost to facilitate exceptional research projects. This is an outstanding opportunity to gain access to invaluable expertise and cutting edge technology to accelerate your research project and make a real impact in plant science discovery.

Emphasis is placed on novel collaborations that bring together scientists preferably from different disciplines (e.g. plant physiology, computer science, engineering, biometry, quantitative genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, physics) and from different organisations, within Australia or internationally, to focus on problems in plant science.

Applications close: 30 September 2017

For more information and to apply follow this link or this link


Call – An AFRAN response to the Innovation & Science Australia 2030 Strategic Plan Issue Paper

Please join us for an opportunity to help shape Australia’s “2030 Strategic Plan for the Australian innovation, science and research system”.

What is it about?

The Australian Government has tasked Innovation and Science Australia with developing a Strategic Plan for the Australian innovation, science and research system out to 2030. The Strategic Plan will aim to contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of all Australians by ensuring that Australia reaches its innovation potential.

The Strategic Plan will build on the findings of Innovation and Science Australia’s Performance Review of the Australian Innovation, Science and Research system.

It will describe what Australia’s innovation system should look like in 2030 and will make recommendations as to how Australia can get there. It will also outline how our progress can be evaluated. The 2030 Strategic Plan will be delivered to government in the last quarter of 2017.

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Bulletin de veille science et technologie – Ambassade de France en Australie – Science and Technology Newsletter – Embassy of France in Australia

The Embassy of France is delighted to send you the April Science and Technology Newsletter.

L’Ambassade de France en Australie a le plaisir de vous adresser l’édition d’avril 2017 du bulletin de veille Science et Technologie édité par le poste.

Bulletin ST-avril 2017


This symposium aims to share the last scientific advances on cancer and  resistance to treatments. It is supported by AFRAN, as it is the continuation of a fruitful collaboration between the team of the CRCL (Cancer Research Centre of Lyon) and the university of Melbourne.

The official launch of the first LIA, Associated International Laboratory, supporting common research projects between the Inserm CRCL and the university of Melbourne, should conclude this workshop.

To see the program: 21April2017-Heterogeneity Symposium

AFRAN Call for Projects 2017

Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation


Call for Projects



France and Australia share a strong commitment to scientific excellence, illustrated by the number, breadth and quality of the collaboration existing between researchers from our two countries. Associations and Networks seek to federate these researchers and foster the creation and strengthening of scientific partnerships. Benefiting from both the experience of a dedicated board of researchers and volunteer members (AFAS ACT) and the network and the resources of the Embassy of France to Australia (FRAN), AFRAN has become a central platform supporting partnerships of excellence between France and Australia.



In 2016, AFRAN offered grants to members of the Association to support the organisation of workshops and other activities aimed specifically at creating structured collaborations within the perimeter of AFRAN and/or between France and Australia.

In 2017, the association will offer funding up to AUD 5,000 (five thousand Australian dollars) towards logistics and/or travel costs for selected projects.
This program only funds projects initiated by members of AFRAN. As a consequence, this program does not consider applications for participation in external conferences and seminars, nor applications for individual travel to a partner’s laboratory, unless it is indispensible for the development of such aforementioned workshops or activities.

This program will be organised annually.



Applications are open to researchers and other professionals of any nationality and seniority level who are members of AFRAN. To be eligible, a project must:

  1. Be open (within reason and depending on the purpose) to all interested members of AFRAN to attend, AND
  2. Aim at creating structured scientific and innovation collaboration within AFRAN perimeters and/or between France and Australia.


Laureates of this program will not be eligible to reapply for funding for 3 years after the year of the grant awarded.


All scientific fields, including Humanities and Social Sciences are open and coordinators of eligible projects involving French overseas territories are encouraged to apply. Future editions of this program may target specific scientific fields based on the strategic priorities of the French and Australian governments.


Selection criteria

Projects will be ranked by a selection committee based on the following criteria, presented here in order of highest to lowest priority:

  1. Demonstrated potential for the project to foster structured scientific collaborations within the French and Australian research and innovation communities. Projects fostering such collaborations within Australia are eligible.
  2. Demonstrated potential for the project to involve a broad range of partners and individuals. Applications for individual travel to a partner’s laboratory will not be considered, unless the application clearly demonstrates travel is indispensible for the development of such aforementioned workshops or activities.
  3. Demonstrated capacity of the project to provide responses to major societal issues facing Australia and France
  4. Demonstrated scientific merit of the project, as well as excellence and motivation of the involved teams and individuals.


Terms of funding

  1. A total of AUD 15,000 (fifteen thousand Australian dollars) is made available for this call. Submitted projects must be completed before 1st June 2018.
  2. Funding of up to AUD 5,000 (five thousand Australian dollars) can be requested per project. It is the responsibility of the project coordinator to secure any additional funding that may be required to complete the event.
  3. A selection committee appointed by AFRAN and the Embassy of France will review the applications and select successful applications as per the criteria above.
  4. AFRAN will notify each project coordinator of the outcome of their applications and the amount allocated to successful projects.
  5. Upon acceptance of the funding (if selected), the project coordinator agrees to:
    1. Include a mention of the support provided by AFRAN on all communication materials used to promote the event
    2. Provide AFRAN with said communication materials one month before the selected activity date. These materials will be disseminated through AFRAN communication channels with mentions of the procedures required to participate in the events.
    3. Provide AFRAN with a report on the outcome of her/his project no later than 1 month after completion of the event. This report will be made public and advertised through the AFRAN communication channels.


Application process

Applications must be submitted by using the form : AFRAN application form 2017 April
The application form and all supporting documents (preferably in PDF format) must be submitted before the application deadline by email to:
Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

  1. Call for projects opens: 20 April 2017
  2. Deadline for applications: 1st June 2017
  3. Results announced: 20 June 2017
  4. Earliest date for project start: 1 July 2017
  5. Latest date for project completion: 1 June 2018

Further information

Please contact:


Dr. Katherine Daniell
President, AFRAN Inc.


Embassy of France
Ms. Nathalie Simenel-Amar
Service Science and Technology
02 6216 0139