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Second call for projects “Fonds Pacifique”!

A second call for projects is launched this year by the permanent Secretariat for the Pacific, with the view to select projects susceptible to be funded by the “Fund for economic, social and cultural cooperation for the Pacific “, or “Fonds Pacifique”. The selected projects will contribute to the regional insertion of the French communities: New Caledonia, French Polynesia and islands Wallis and Futuna.

Projects submitted for this call by Australian partners shall be submitted to the Embassy of France in Australia, by September the 2nd, 2018 (12 am Canberra time). To be eligible, the selected projects will have to fit in one of the following field:

  • Project allowing the French communities to be associated with the fight against climate change and with the risk prevention of disasters. Projects contributing to the respect for the obligations of States as well as to the implementation of the decisions which were taken in the COP 21 as well as of those who will be during the COP 22 will be particularly appreciated.
  • Economic and industrial project (studies of feasibility, impact, training initiatives…)
  • Sanitary safety or Food safety project (fight against the endemic diseases (non-contagious or transmitted by infectious vectors, management of halieutic resources, actions with great potential of economic development and increase of the regional exchanges).

Beyond these themes, preference will be given to the projects underlining communication efforts, measure of efficiency, follow-up by indicators and outcomes in mid and long terms.

The projects must be co-financed at least at 50 % of the total amount of the eligible expenses

The Pacific Fund is meant to initiate projects and not to support the development of a project through time. In case you foresee that the project you are submitting might lead to a potential re-application later on, this has to be mentioned from the start.
– The projects submitted by Australian partners have to be sent by email at the service of cooperation and cultural action of the Embassy of France in Canberra (, and their description must be drafted in French –for Australian partners

To apply, you must fill the project form: Project Form 2018 EN

… and the provisional budget:Provisional Budget

For any request, thank you for contacting us at:


INRIA: Associate teams 2019- call for proposals

INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control aims at encouraging international projects to develop its international links. This year, INRIA has a particular focus on Australia to foster new collaborations.

An Associate Team is a joint research project created between an Inria project-team and a research team from abroad. The two partners jointly define a scientific objective with a clear added value for each of them, a research plan and a program for bilateral exchanges. To promote and develop such scientific collaborations throughout the world, by supporting high quality research projects, Inria’s European and International Partnerships Department-EIPD annually launches a call for proposals.

Deadline: 26 September 2018

For more information and to apply, follow this link


Fresh Science in the pub

Drinks, food, fireworks and science!

Come and watch as our fresh, young scientists present their work at a pub event, in the time it takes a party sparkler to burn out. Join the ACT Fresh Science in the pub, when the ACT’s freshest young scientists strut their stuff in King O’Malley’s on Wednesday 11 July 2018 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Tickets are free but bookings are essential.


Congratulations to Céline d’Orgeville, AFRAN member and laureate of the Translational Fellowships Programme

The ANU Translational Fellowship Program aims to advance promising researchers and promote enhanced opportunities for diverse career pathways within and alongside government, end-users and industry. This program, aligned with the ANU Strategic Plan, aims to break down the barriers between universities, society and industry, and to provide the support and incentive for researchers to take their ideas outside the University.

The Program is designed to allow and support researchers to move seamlessly between industry, government, business and academic settings.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Celine d’Orgeville (RSAA) who has been awarded $600,000 over 3 years to develop translational research with partners outside academia. Celine develops novel laser technologies for laser guide star adaptive optics applications in astronomy, space surveillance, and laser communications.


INVITATION to the Public Lectures: Death for the Fatherland in Democratic Athens

2-5 pm 10 July 2018

Lecture Theatre

The MISHA Building

The University of Strasbourg

Strasbourg, France


In the ancient democracy of classical Athens a funeral speech was delivered once a year in honour of those who had died in battle for the fatherland. For the Athenians it was a vitally important speech because it reminded them who they were as a democratic people and why they had sacrificed their sons in war.


In two public lectures, two of the world’s leading ancient historians put this speech back into its rich historical context. These public lectures are part of the conference on the Athenian Funeral Oration: 40 Years after Nicole Loraux, which is taking place at the University of Strasbourg from 9 to 11 July 2018.


These public lectures are open to all. For more information, please contact Dr David M. Pritchard at

or follow this link.

Download the flyer: Conference_Booklet_with_Program_and_Abstracts