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AFRAN Forum 2017 outcomes

The annual AFRAN Forum was held on 7 and 8 December at the Centre for European Studies of the Australian National University.

The forum was the occasion of active discussions and fruitful exchanges within the AFRAN community, and with the invited speakers and guests. A wide range of topics was addressed from Energy, Coral Reef science to Space, and potential new opportunities have been identified in Environment or Internet of Things, thanks to this event. Last but not least, the forum meant to explore ways of reinforcing linkages with the Pacific region. The contribution of speakers from Pasteur Institute New Caledonia, SPREP, and from the University of New Caledonia was key here.

AFRAN Forum_Chubb 2017

Most of the speakers presentations are accessible below :

“Shaping a smart and sustainable global future through global sustainability network: a vision for the French-Australian science and innovation cooperation”, by Dr. Imran Ahmad, Director of Future Earth Australia: FUTURE EARTH AUSTRALIA_ImranAhmad

“Energy transition, a key pillar for the bilateral cooperation agenda”, by Dr. François Aguey-Zinsou, Head of MERLiN lab., UNSW: EnergyTransition Fr-Au cooperation_FAgueyUNSW

“Internet of Thing and Industry for the Future”, by Dr. Benoit Passot, University of Wollongong and Mr. Renald Gallis, Thinxtra: UOW_Thinxtra_RGallis

“Hybrid architectured materials, an example of a fruitful collaboration between France and Asutralia”, by Dr. Justin Dirrenberger, CNAM: HybridArchitecturedMaterials_Dirrenberger

“Hydraulic engineering for environment and sustainable development”, by Dr. Jean-Michel Tanguy, CEO of GIS HEDD: HydraulicEngineering_TanguyGIS_HEDD

“Science and Technology cooperation between France and Australia: 2017 developments and perspectives for 2018”, by Ms. Anne Rouault, Science and Technology Attachée at the French Embassy: FR-AU ST cooperation 2017-2018_ARouaultEmbassy

“Science and Innovation collaboration with France, a DIIS perspective”, by Ms. Sarah Brown, DIIS :Science&Innovation collaboration_SarahBrownDIIS

“AFRAN and the French Embassy toolbox”, by Mr. Nicolas Duhaut and Ms. Anne Rouault, French Embassy: SupportingCollaboration_NDuhaut&ARouaultEmbassy

“Sustainable agriculture: the potential of French-Australian cooperation in agronomy research”, by Dr. Mike Grundy, CSIRO Agriculture: Agronomy&Soil Research_MikeGrundyCSIROAgriculture

“Bilateral cooperation in Marine Science and coral reef protection”, by Prof. Terry Hughes, ARC Center of Excellence on coral reef studies: CORAL REEF COLLABORATION_TerryHughesCoE Coral Reef Studies

“Innovative soluutions for reef regeneration: the ANR Ecocorail project”, by Dr. Arnaud Serres, University of New-Caledonia: LittoralPreservation_AserresECOCORAIL

“Pacific societal challenges and science cooperation, a legitimate dimension for AFRAN”, by Mr. Paul Anderson, SPREP: AFRAN Pacific_PaulAndersonSPREP

“Health issues in the Pacific and opportunities for the bilateral science cooperation: the research focus of the Pasteur Institute in New Caledonia”, by Dr. Catherine Inizan, Pasteur Institute NC: PacificHealth_CInizanPASTEUR NC


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